Bijan Zarmandili Bijan Zarmandili

Sima's story

  • pages: 140 - 14X20
  • published: 28/06/2016
Bijan Zarmandili Bijan Zarmandili


With her irregular beauty and her aura of indifference towards life, the protagonist of this book is hieratic and disturbing as a sphinx. Sima’s distinctive attribute is her Venus’s strabismus: a mark that detaches her from things and makes her even more impenetrable.

Born into a wealthy couple of expatriate Iranians in London, Sima has always lived in a wealthy and anaffective environment. In Rome, where she moves to get away from her family, she rebuilds a small bourgeois nest with Stefano, a wealthy architect she meets at university, and their son Dario. But Sima is not made for peace. After a while the "Foreigner" – always distant, always somewhere else – can no longer resist her demons.


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